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Other beautiful locations in Israel

Do you have another location in mind, celebrating a Bar/Mitzvah at the Western Wall or didn't find a location yet of your liking? Feel free to reach out below for more information about photoshoots at other locations in Israel. We can help you set up a photoshoot in any location, for any occasion!

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Everything you need to know

How much is the photoshoot?

for one person: 1400 ILS (375USD)

for two: 1600 ILS (430 USD)

up to four: 1800 ILS (480 USD)

up to eight: 2200 ILS (590 USD)

above eight: 2400 ILS (640 USD)

If the location of your choice is located in the Negev desert, Eilat area or Galilee/Golan Heights, there is an extra charge - depending on the location.

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