Tales of Israel


Nice to meet you. I'm Miriam, born and raised in the Netherlands just south of Amsterdam, but Israel has been my home for ten years now. It may surprise you, but photography wasn't my first career and it wasn't even a passion of mine until I moved to Israel. For as long as I can remember though, I've been in love with Israel and somehow always knew I would end up living in the Middle East. Aladdin was my fairytale of choice and I would always dream away with photos of faraway desert lands in the Middle East from books from my parents' library.

Tales of Israel

Something happened when I visited Israel for the first time at age 21 with my mom & sister to explore our roots in eretz Israel, something I can only describe in a spiritual way. It was this feeling of 'this is home', like this was my place in the world where I was meant to be living. Upon returning 'home', Amsterdam didn't really feel like home anymore. This feeling simmered for several years while flying back and forth between Amsterdam and Tel Aviv, until G-d clearly decided it was time I went HOME. I had started a program in the Netherlands in International Relations which would make me a diplomat eventually, when due to health reasons I dropped out and decided to travel for a bit after recovery. That same year, on a beach in Cape Cod - suddenly I felt it was TIME. Time to move to Israel! I flew back to Amsterdam a short while after, organized my papers, packed up my apartment and flew to Tel Aviv with two suitcases - ready for a new beginning. And you know what? Now almost ten years later, I have not regretted that decision for even a second! Home is where the heart is :)

My work

Tales of Israel is my dream and vision come true. It all started about six years ago with a dream and vision, to show Israel to the world how I see it through my lens. The most unique, beautiful place on earth filled with light and with so many stories to tell.

For over five years now, I'm traveling & capturing Israel, uncovering all the most beautiful and unique places to visit and to stay. Tales of Israel has grown into a successful and diverse brand with @talesofisrael on Instagram at its core. Together with my team, our services include professional photography & videography for hotels & tourism companies/boards, creating custom travel itineraries & photoshoots for individuals at the most unique, breathtaking places in Israel.

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