Photoshoot in Tel Aviv

Photoshoot at

Old Jaffa

Create unforgettable memories exploring this 4000-year old port city, now part of Tel Aviv and the most picturesque, historic part of town! This photoshoot is really unique because you are exploring Old Jaffa in the photoshoot. Within short walking distance, we'll take you to the most photogenic corners of Old Jaffa, like the Zodiac Fountain, and we'll end our photoshoot at Tel Aviv's most beautiful viewpoint from where you can see the entire city and coastline. This photoshoot takes you through the dreamiest, historic streets of the ancient little streets of Jaffa!

Note: this photoshoot doesn't bring us to the actual port, but to the little streets and alleys high above the port on a hill overlooking Tel Aviv and the coastline. It's much more photogenic!

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Photoshoot in Tel Aviv

Everything you need to know

What do you get?

within ten days after the photoshoot you'll receive minimum 30 edited, professional photos

Bonus: edited compilation video of you exploring Old Jaffa in the photoshoot - with music, ready for social media!

For whom is this suitable?

most suitable for individuals, couples, friends traveling together, families and group photoshoots.

How does it work?

after you book, we'll be in touch with you about all details: where we'll meet in Old Jaffa, etc. Total time of the photoshoot is usually an hour.

everything you need to know

When is the best time to book?

This photoshoot is available year round because of the moderate Mediterranean climate. This specific location also works well on cloudy days. In case of rain, we suggest to reschedule! But leave it to us, we know exactly when is the perfect time to capture for the best results and will keep you informed about weather forecasts ahead of your booked photoshoot!

How do we get to Old Jaffa?

Old Jaffa is very easily accessible by car, bus or taxi. We're happy to help you with exact directions ahead of your photoshoot.

Everything you need to know

How much is the photoshoot?

for one person: 1400 ILS (375USD)

for two: 1600 ILS (430 USD)

up to four: 1800 ILS (480 USD)

up to eight: 2200 ILS (590 USD)

above eight: 2400 ILS (640 USD)

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