Photoshoot in Israel

photoshoot (partly drone) at the

Ga'ash Cliffs & Beach

Create unforgettable memories at Israel's most beautiful coastline, only half an hour from Tel Aviv! The high cliffs and serene sandy beaches are known to be one of Israel's most photogenic, beautiful areas and this photoshoot is perfect at sunset for that golden hour glow. This is our most popular photoshoot for those looking for privacy during the photoshoot. We will take photos both at the cliffs and at the beach right before sunset when the light is just perfect.

Note: this photoshoot is part drone (25%), part camera (75%).

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Photoshoot in Israel

Everything you need to know

What do you get?

within ten days after the photoshoot you'll receive minimum 30 edited, professional photos (of which 5 drone photos) and 3-4 edited, professional drone videos.

Bonus: edited compilation video with music, ready for social media!

For whom is this suitable?

most suitable for individuals, couples and small families up to six. This photoshoot is not suitable for wheelchairs and strollers.

How does it work?

after you book, we'll be in touch with you about all details: where we'll meet in Ga'ash (or Tel Aviv if you book transportation), what to wear, what to bring, etc. Total time of the photoshoot is usually an hour and a half!

Photoshoot in Israel

everything you need to know

When is the best time to book?

This photoshoot is available year round because of the moderate Mediterranean climate. We recommend this photoshoot at golden hour, so an hour before sunset for the best light. In case of fully cloudy, rainy or stormy weather - we recommend rescheduling to another day. Leave it to us, we will keep track of the weather forecast before the photoshoot and update you ahead!

How do we get to Ga'ash?

From our meeting point, it's about a five minute walk to the cliffs and from there a ten minute walk down to the beach. Either you get to Ga'ash yourself by car, or you can book transportation with us from Tel Aviv.

Photoshoot in Israel

Everything you need to know

How much is the photoshoot?

up to two: 1600 ILS (430USD)

up to four: 1800 ILS (480 USD)

up to six: 2000 ILS (535 USD)

transportation to and from Tel Aviv is available up to two people for 400 ILS (110 USD)

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