Dead Sea salt islands

Drone photoshoot at the

Dead Sea Salt Islands

Create unforgettable memories at the world's lowest place! These salt islands are a geographical wonder in Israel: entirely made up out of salt, amidst a turquoise Dead Sea. This is our most popular photoshoot and no wonder why! This photoshoot is meant as a unique experience and doesn't involve lots of posing: you enjoy and explore the salt islands and float in the Dead Sea, while we fly the drone and capture photos & videos of you amidst the stunning landscape.

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Dead Sea salt islands

Everything you need to know

What do you get?

within ten days after the photoshoot you'll receive minimum 30 edited, professional drone photos and 5-6 edited, professional drone videos.

Bonus: edited compilation video with music, ready for social media!

For whom is this suitable?

most suitable for individuals, couples, friends traveling together and small families up to six. Not suitable for babies, elderly with difficulty in movement and small toddlers up to the age of three.

How does it work?

after you book, we'll be in touch with you about all details: where we'll meet in Ein Bokek (or Tel Aviv if you book transportation), what to wear, what to bring, etc. Total time of the photoshoot is usually an hour! Of course there are showers, bathrooms and changing rooms nearby for your comfort.

everything you need to know

When is the best time to book?

This photoshoot is available year round because of the unique, moderate climate at the Dead Sea. Most days it's sunny! In the summer though, temperatures are very high at the Dead Sea and we'll do the photoshoot early in the morning or at sunset. During winter, when the sun is much lower, times are more flexible. Leave it to us, we know exactly when is the perfect time to capture for the best results!

How do we get to the salt islands?

From our meeting point, it's about a ten minute walk. Either you get to Ein Bokek yourself (there are busses from Jerusalem, Eilat & Tel Aviv too) or you can book transportation with us from Tel Aviv.

Dead Sea salt islands

Everything you need to know

How much is the photoshoot?

for one person: 1600 ILS (430USD)

for two: 1800 ILS (485 USD)

up to four: 2000 ILS (535 USD)

up to six: 2200 ILS (590 USD)

transportation to and from Tel Aviv is available up to two people for 500 ILS (130 USD)

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Dead Sea salt islands
Dead Sea salt islands
Dead Sea photoshoot Israel