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Good to know when visiting Israel during this time

Did you know, that during the war, borders were never actually closed to tourists? That means it is possible to visit Israel. This might sound surprising to you, but Ben Gurion Airport operates, hotels, museums, restaurants and national parks are all open. Yes, it's a difficult time - but that doesn't mean the country has stopped functioning. Does that mean everything is like normal? Almost, but not quite yet. Does that mean it is 'safe' to visit? That is a question impossible for me to answer, because the answer is completely subjective. One might feel safe somewhere, where others don't. If it is responsible to visit, always follow your country's travel advice to Israel, this is important! This will tell you exactly if it is possible insurance wise and which areas to avoid. You'll read in this guide that getting travel insurance to Israel during this time is an obstacle - keep this in mind if you're planning to visit!


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What about safety & security in Israel during this time?

For travel advice, so whether it is responsible and advisable for you to visit: follow your foreign ministry's travel advice to Israel. Every country has its own risk analysis, which also influences important things like travel insurance. Keep in mind when traveling now, that at the moment you cannot and should not travel to parts in northern Israel close to the border with Lebanon. The area surrounding Gaza is also partly off limits, although slowly certain areas are open to the public, like the Nova Festival site. If you should travel there, depends on your travel insurance. 

If you are visiting, you should also be aware of what to do in case of an alarm. There is an amazing website in English with literally everything you need to know and where they give continuous updates in case something happens. This website is only available in Israel though, so click here when you land on Ben Gurion to check it out - but don't worry, instructions are simple and easy to follow. 

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What about travel insurance during this time?

This is so important to take into consideration! In general, travel insurance does not cover war related travel disruptions. Keep that in mind if you want to visit Israel. At Tales of Israel we are not insurance specialists, so consult with your insurance agent, but there is an insurance company based in the UK designed for travel insurance for such complicated situations if you're traveling to Israel. Contact them here for more information! Note: they don't cover war disruptions for leisure travel. 

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More important travel information

Other tips & tricks

- Download the 'red alert' app to get notifications about alerts and alarms on your phone

- Public transport: trains, busses and the light rail all operate like usual

- Don't be worried when you see lots of men and women in civilian clothes carrying weapons around. This is normal, especially now: they're IDF soldiers who have been released for a few days. They just must carry their weapon at all times.

- Traveling to Jerusalem? Many people think it is off limits now, but it's not. There is heightened security and alertness now, but the city operates like usual.

- Want to travel to the West Bank? This area is considered high-risk now, like the border areas with Gaza, Lebanon & Syria.

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Also, please keep in mind to shop local, visit restaurants, coffee shops, attractions etc. The tourism sector has been hit hard so Israelis will appreciate it extra if you are in Israel and want to support!


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