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Must have experiences in Jerusalem

Planning to visit Jerusalem? To make it easier for you to plan your perfect Jerusalem trip, we've put all must-see places & things to do for you into this guide! Whether you're visiting Jerusalem for the first time, or you've visited countless times, there is so much to explore in this fascinating, historic city - trust me, I've been so many times and still haven't seen it all! Of course you've heard about the Western Wall, the Holy Sepulcher Church and Dome of the Rock - absolute must-sees in Jerusalem depending on what you're interested in seeing, but there is so much more to see. For example, did you know you can visit a winery inside a windmill from where you have the most perfect sunset views on Mount Zion? Below you find the top things to do in Jerusalem - enjoy!

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Experience the Western Wall Tunnels

The Western Wall tunnels are at the top of my list of ALL places to visit in Israel, because this experience is so unique, it is incomparable with anything else. This tour takes you below ground at the Western Wall, to the street level next to the Western Wall how it was over 2000 years ago at the time of the Second Temple. It's an organized guided tour (available in many different languages) and it's just so informative and unique, don't miss this when you're visiting Israel. 

Did you know there are now two different tours at the Western Wall? There is the classic route, the Great Stone route and a newer tour which I also find super interesting because you get to see an ancient mikveh which still works! This tour is the Great Bridge Route. 

For all info and to book, click here.

Western Wall in Jerusalem

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Walk the Jerusalem Old City highlights

Did you know the Jerusalem Old City is divided in four parts, four quarters? There is the Armenian, Christian, Jewish & Muslim quarter. It's really so interesting to walk through all quarters to see all what the Old City has to offer: each quarter is culturally SO different and has its own highlights! Also, some of the holiest places in the world are to be found in the Old City, definitely places to see once in a lifetime. 

All sights are within walking distance from each other, although there are stairs and it recommended to wear good walking shoes. This walking tour can take around three hours, but can also take up eight hours if you visit all sights and take your time.

Dead Sea in Israel Google Maps

Start the walking tour at the Yafo Gate. There is a tourist information center next to the gate where you can get maps and lots of information. From the Yafo Gate, you can walk all along the Old City in a circle ending at exactly the same place when you visit the sights in this order:
Tower of David
- Mount Zion with the grave of King David, Room of the Last Supper & Abbey of Dormition
- Jewish Quarter, make sure to visit the Roman Cargo
Western Wall (& Dome of the Rock)
- 'Shuk' in the Muslim Quarter
Austrian Hospice for amazing strudel in the heart of the Old City (not kosher) and one of the best rooftop views
- Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Dead Sea in Israel

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Go wine tasting at Jerusalem Winery

Ever imagined wine tasting with the most perfect view on Mount Zion, on the terrace of a 19th century windmill? Trust me, it's one of the most unique experiences in Jerusalem. Jerusalem winery is kosher and their cheese plate is delicious. It's just such a lovely place and the views are breathtaking. It's also the perfect place to stock up on some Israeli wine to bring home!

If you have time, head into the neighborhood Yemin Moshe next door - one of the most picturesque parts of Jerusalem. It's the first Jewish neighborhood outside of the Old City so it's very historic and it's famous for being oh so beautiful with flowers everywhere. If you visit, keep in mind that people live there, so don't make noise or leave trash. For all the info, see here.

Ein Gedi

Eat your way through the Mahane Yehuda Shuk in Jerusalem

Hummus, hummus, hummus! The main 'shuk' in Jerusalem is heaven for food lovers. It's where the Jerusalemites buy their fresh produce, from incredible baked goods to hummus, to some of Israel's best street food restaurants. It's a must to visit when you're in Jerusalem! Don't miss Ishtabach for the tastiest and most special lunch and Marzipan Bakery where you must try the famous rozalach. You'll thank me later!

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Watch the Night Spectacular Lightshow

My first time in Israel, this experience was probably one of the most unique and memorable. Ever since, every time I'm spending the night in Jerusalem I watch the show because it is just magical! Inside the Tower of the David Museum, on the walls of the ancient courtyard, they display a beautiful movie of light and music explaining the story of Jerusalem. It's such a unique experience!

There is another show about the story of Kind David, which is great as well. Both are unique. Make sure to book your tickets in advance though, as they tend to sell out!

For all information and tickets: click here.

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Be an archeologist for a day in Jerusalem

Probably one of the most unique experiences you can have in Jerusalem: the Temple Mount Sifting Project. You won't just be sifting through any earth, you'll be sifting through earth from underneath the Temple Mount! Several years ago, in an attempt to erase all evidence of the Temple, the PA conducted illegal renovations at the Temple Mount and as a result, this extremely valuable earth, holding so many stories of our past, is available to research - and this is exactly what you'll be doing at the Temple Mount sifting project!

For all information and bookings: click here.

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Go back in time at the Israel Museum

The official museum in Israel, that make for a very interesting & educative half day trip. If there is any museum in the world packed with thousands of years of interesting historic artifacts, it's the Israel museum! It's also home to the Dead Sea scrolls - only to see this in the gorgeous Shrine of the Book is worth a visit.

You can combine a visit to Yad Vashem, the world Holocaust Memorial. If you visit both, it will be a full day. I recommend starting your day in Yad Vashem, which is of course a very emotional place to visit with incredibly tragic stories. But when you visit you'll also see that the museum is focused on hope - it's a must visit in Israel.

Dead Sea salt islands


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