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Capturing the real Israel: welcome to the new Tales of Israel

Shalom, world! It's been in the making for a long time and I'm SO excited to finally announce the new Tales of Israel site & online store. Just like @talesofisrael on Instagram, this website is created with love for all things Israel and as a visual journey of this beautiful, unique place on earth. Israel isn't just a country, there is an energy and light here that is unlike any other place in the world - capturing that uniqueness is what Tales of Israel has always been about. 

Tales of Israel

First things first, let me introduce myself

Nice to meet you, or like we say in Israel: ‘naim meod!’ I'm Miriam, born and raised in the Netherlands just south of Amsterdam, but Israel has been my home for ten years now. For as long as I can remember, I've been in love with Israel, but it wasn't until I was 21 though, that I first visited Israel when my mom took me and my sister on a 10-day trip to explore our roots in Eretz Israel. That trip changed my life completely. For the first time ever, I felt like I was ‘home’ - like this was the place I was supposed to be living, a deep spiritual feeling. Upon returning home in Amsterdam, it didn't really feel like home anymore and I kept visiting Israel frequently whenever I could. This feeling simmered for several years while flying back and forth between Amsterdam and Tel Aviv, until G-d clearly decided it was time I went HOME. I had started a program in the Netherlands in International Relations which would make me a diplomat eventually, when due to health reasons I dropped out for the rest of the academic year and decided to travel for a bit. That same year, on a beach in Cape Cod - suddenly I felt it was TIME. Time to move to Israel! I flew back to Amsterdam a short while after, organized my papers, packed up my apartment and flew to Tel Aviv with two suitcases - ready for a new beginning. And you know what? Now almost ten years later, I have never regretted that decision. 

Tales of Israel is my dream and vision come true

Tales of Israel started about six years ago with a dream and vision, to show Israel to the world how I see it through my lens. The most unique, beautiful place on earth filled with light and with so many stories to tell. For over five years now, I'm traveling & capturing Israel, uncovering all the most beautiful and unique places to visit and to stay. Tales of Israel has grown into a successful and diverse brand with @talesofisrael on Instagram at its core. Together with my team, the Tales of Israel services include professional photography & videography for hotels & tourism companies/boards, creating custom travel itineraries & photoshoots for individuals at the most unique, breathtaking places in Israel like the salt islands at the Dead Sea. Besides Tales of Israel, we also have Visuals of Israel, which focuses on social media content creation & consulting, social media strategy and professional content creation for businesses both in Israel and abroad.

Dead Sea salt islands

What to expect from the new Tales of Israel

So here we are, with a brand new Tales of Israel, only at the beginning of a new journey where I invite you on to discover the real essence of Israel. Of course you'll get regular blog posts about all things Israel, you can now easily reach out here regarding my photography & itinerary services and soon the Tales of Israel travel section will also go live. What's really new is the Tales of Israel online store! Explore the top holiday picks where you can bring a piece of Israel into your home, browse  my personal favorite photos celebrating Israel, from the ancient streets of Jerusalem, to the sun-kissed beaches of Tel Aviv. I am also really excited to announce the new Tales of Israel eco-friendly apparel and home design.

Support Israel when you shop with Tales of Israel

We all know we're living through challenging times here in Israel, which is why 10% of all your purchases with Tales of Israel will be donated directly to micro funds I'm supporting in Israel, to help families of victims facing financial difficulties after losing family members and to help our soldiers protecting our country with upgrading their meals - just to make them feel like sunshine. Together we will overcome this!

Coming soon: planning a trip to Israel?

I can't wait for more peaceful days in Israel so you can explore this beautiful country again, can you? Coming soon: the Tales of Israel travel section with all things about Israel travel for when we are in more peaceful days again.  Travel guides, custom made travel itineraries and more! For over five years now, I've been traveling Israel, from the famous sights in Jerusalem to hidden gems deep in the Negev desert. There is SO much to see in Israel and it is my passion to help you have the perfect trip in Israel. This is how Tales of Israel began after all!

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