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FAQ - Presets
What are Lightroom presets?

Lightroom presets are photo filters (like Instagram filters, but much better). They're customized settings  that I created over the past year, to give your images a unique look. By clicking on the filter and making a few adjustments in exposure, sharpening and noise reduction your image is ready to use, instead of spending a lot of time on editing! Please keep in mind that very image is different and not every preset will work on every single photo!

On what kind of images do the presets work?

The presets work on both jpeg and RAW photos. However, I strongly encourage you to take your photos in RAW - this is the setting that all photographers use, because the editing results will be best.

I am new to photography and editing, can I still use the presets?

For sure! Trying out presets is a great way to learn more about editing and it allows you to try new styles. 

How do I get the presets after payment?

They will be send via email immediately after the payment is completed.

More questions?

Please contact me by mail:

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