The Travel Collection presets (photo filters) will add that magic touch to your travel photos within a few clicks. All eight filters have been created with lots of love and care over the past months, and tested on photos from Instagram fans from all over the world to make sure you will get the best result for your pictures. The presets include an installation guide and are ready-to-use!


Note: These presets work with both the FREE Lightroom app and Lightroom desktop versions and are compatible with both jpeg and RAW files. However, for the best results I advice you to take your photos in RAW.



Dreamy Days / Give your photos a dreamy look with warm vintage tones. The Dreamy Days preset is the perfect all-round filter, that works well also on photos taken in moody weather.


Dreamy Days 2 / Also dreamy and vintage, but instead of warm, deep tones this filter has more bright and crisp tones.


City Vibes / Your photos radiate happiness with this filter that is desgined specifically for city photos, though it can of course be used allround! It has a soft, vintage feel.


Beach Blues / Into the blue with this preset designed for all beach, ocean & pool photos. It will give your photos a warm vintage feel with deep blue tones.


Beach Blues 2 / Instead of deep blue tones, this filter will give your photos a cooler, brighter vintage look with crisp whites and blues.


Jungle Greens / Bali vibes with this filter, giving your photos a warm tropical look with golden light. Use this filter for your pictures with greens!


Pastel Sunsets / Dreamy sunrise and sunset photos with soft, soothing tones.


Desert Shades / Give your photos a fairytale - Middle Eatern look with warm, earthy tones.



If you have any questions please see the Presets FAQ page or write me a message.

The Travel Collection - 8 presets for Lightroom mobile and desktop