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How does it work?

After your purchase, you will receive an immediate confirmation and link to your download. In the download, you can find two digital files ready for printing at your local professional print store. Printing locally can cost you between $ 8-15, depending on size. 

Need help locating a nearby print store or ordering the print in the size you want? Send us an email at and we will contact you within 72h to help you FREE OF CHARGE.

Why don't we ship framed prints? At Tales of Israel, our planet is very important and shipping framed prints all over the world is not very friendly to the environment. There are professional print stores all over the world, in nearly every town - which is why we help you to have your print processed LOCALLY.

Isn't it complicated to order a print & frame myself? NOT AT ALL, WE PROMISE YOU :) The files you download are ready for printing in the most common print sizes and you can buy frames for your print in these sizes at nearly every local home design store and Ikea

Can't find your question? Email us at and we are happy to help!

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