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Custom Lightroom presets

Created to edit all your photos in no time!

Compatible with Lightroom desktop & mobile

All you need is the FREE Lightroom app to edit on mobile

Frequently asked questions

What are Lightroom presets?

​Presets are advanced filters to give your photo a certain style or look. It's a setting containing all the editing info of one photo that you can import in Lightroom so you can edit your photos in the same style, in just a few clicks on-the-go! The presets in the shop are the same presets I use to edit my photos. Using presets doesn't just save you lots of time - it's the best way to create a unified looking Instagram feed!

What do I need to use the presets?

​There are two kinds of presets in the shop: presets for Lightroom desktop and presets for Lightroom mobile. For Lightroom mobile you only need the free Lightroom app, that you can download in your app store. To use the presets for Lightroom desktop, you need a paid subscription.

On what images do the presets work?

The presets work on both RAW and JPEG/JPG images taken outdoors or in well-lit indoor conditions. Night photos or dark indoor photos are less suitable for my presets. For the best result on any photo, I recommend you take your photos in RAW.

Do I get the presets right after payment?

​Yes! Right after payment, you will receive an email with the link to download the presets. It's really easy to download and start using them. An installation guide included in the download tells you exactly how to install the presets.

How do I install the presets?

​Installing your presets only takes about two minutes and it really easy to do! The installation guide included in the download folder takes you through it step-by-step. Click here for the mobile & desktop installation guides.

I can't find my question.

For any questions, please email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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