Top ten Instagrammable spots in Tel Aviv

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Due to many requests, here it is finally: my list of most photogenic, Instagrammable spots in Tel Aviv! If you want some beautiful shots of Tel Aviv, make sure to check out these spots, I promise you'll love the pictures! What makes this list different from other 'top ten' lists, is that some of these spots might not be among the most famous, touristic; but have a special view or are simply very aesthetic. P.S. even if you're not an Instagram lover, you'll love these spots :)

1. Old Yafo

Because Old Yafo is the oldest part of Tel Aviv-Yafo (by old I mean a few thousand years old), it immediately is the most photogenic. The (still partly walled) medieval harbor town and hilltop park boasting the best views of the Tel Aviv coastline, this simply is the Instagrammable winner. Not to mention Yafo's famous flea market, which out of all Tel Avivian markets is the most 'Middle Eatern'. Don't skip Olei Zion Street there, you can take great pictures at the colorful carpet stalls. Yafo has so many photogenic spots that I will write another blog post only about where to take photos in Yafo, but a walking tour from the Market House Hotel in the shuk through Olei Zion street, to the park, then to the Yafo Tourist Center and from there to the Old Harbor will take you to 90% of Yafo's highlights. There are signs everywhere, so this little walking tour is easy to navigate.

All photos below are taken on route of this little walking tour through Yafo!

2. Cactus & Tropical Garden in Park Hayarkon

My personal favorites, the Cactus and Tropical Garden are located next to the hot air balloon in Park Hayarkon. Both are open daily from 8 to 4 PM and easy to reach by car and bus (take a bus to the Luna Park, this stop is next to the entrance to the gardens). The park is a great recreational area for Tel Avivians and always crowded, but somehow the Cactus and Tropical Garden are usually quiet, making them perfect to wander around in with a camera. This truly is a hidden gem, don't skip these when you are visiting!

Tip: in the tropical garden, walk all the wat to the back of the garden, beyond the little lake. There's a small pathway at the very edge of the park with the most beautiful lighting on a sunny day.

3. Neve Tsedek<