Top Instagrammable spots in Jaffa

Updated: May 4

Part of Tel Aviv city, Jaffa is one of Israel’s top tourist destinations. It’s one of the world’s oldest port cities, about 4000 years old and its narrow streets definitely take you back in time! Wander through the narrow stone streets and lose track of time. Soak up the beautiful historic buildings, eat Israel’s best hummus, explore the famous artistic flea market and discover some of Tel Aviv’s best boutiques and art galleries. Because Jaffa is so photogenic (and not all of the best photo locations are easy to find), here is an Instagram guide of Jaffa, with the most Instagrammable, photogenic spots in this ancient port city.

View on the iconic lighthouse from the port

The port

When visiting Jaffa, you cannot miss exploring the old port! It's one of the oldest ports of the world that is still working and it's where you can eat the freshest fish in the restaurants surrounding the port. During the day this is quite a crowded part of town and it can be challenging getting a good photo, but recently a new pier opened up with by far the best views on the old city and the port! It is the very first pier walking from Tel Aviv, right across the entrance to the old city. If you stand on one side of the pier you can take a photo of the lighthouse (photo above) and from the other side you will have the best old city views! (photo below).

Try visiting around sunset, the golden light on the old city and lighthouse is magical!

View on the old city from the port

Kikar Kdumim and St. Peter’s Church

At the heart of old Jaffa, on top of the old city you find the famous Kikar Kdumim- you basically can't miss it, since all streets in the old city one way or another connect to this square. It is one of my favorite photo locations in the city, with the big stairs leading up to the square, the zodiac fountain and St. Peter's Church.

When standing next to the zodiac fountain and you turn to St. Peter's Church, this is the photo you get! Looks like Europe, doesn't it? This is part of Jaffa's charm, so many corners - so many different cultures and styles!

Shuk Hapishpishim

When in Tel Aviv, you cannot skip visiting the shuk! Not only is this one of the most vibrant, Middle Eastern parts of town, it is also one of the most photogenic. Just look at the photos below, isn't this worth visiting?

The shuk area is a little neighborhood with lots of little streets - I have to admit, it can sometimes become a bit of a maze! You cannot really get lost though, it is a small area and most of the streets take you back to the center of the shuk, where you also find the Old Jaffa Hostel (top row photos). Make sure to pass by the Al Siksik Mosque, Cafe Puaa and Market House Hotel. Also, on Olei Zion Street you can find many beautiful carpet shops.

Jaffa’s most beautiful archway

How beautiful is this gallery?! You can find it on the corner of Yefet Street and Rabi Pinkhas Street.

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