Top Instagrammable places in Israel

There is so much to see in Israel: historic sights, endless beautiful landscapes and awe-inspiring viewpoints! For over three years now, I am blogging about traveling in Israel while exploring this tiny, but most fascinating country from north to south and believe me, I thought my list of beautiful & interesting places to visit would run out, but it only keeps getting longer. Below you can find all the most photogenic, awe-inspiring places for photographers, bloggers and Instagram lovers - but there are many more, so keep an eye on this blog post because new places will be added here regularly. I have divided this list in North, Center and South, so that it is easier for you to navigate. When you travel in Israel and explore these beautiful places, don't forget to tag @talesofisrael on Instagram, so I can share your travel photos and videos on Instagram!


Ma'ale Gamla national park

One of the most surprising places I have visited in Israel! Located in the Golan Heights, this park is famous for giant eagles, Israel's longest waterfall and the ancient town of Ma'ale Gamla. Absolutely perfect for a daytrip!

Most beautiful places in Israel

Most Instagrammable,photogenic places in Israel

Palm tree paradise at the Sea of Galilee

The area around the Sea of Galilee has a tropical feel and not just because of its temperatures! The area is filled with date palm plantations and tropical fruit trees. It is one of my favorite parts of the country to

take photos, especially the date palm plantation next to the Yardenit (across the street from the parking lot) and the shores of the Sea of Galilee at Hukok beach where you can find palm trees all along its shores and even inside the water. At Hukok Beach, there is a small entrance fee, but worth paying to see the palm trees in the water! If you don't want to pay an entrance fee, Arbel Beach is stunning too and free - and much more quiet.

From Arbel beach you can also walk to the famous natural pool inside the Kinneret, which is part of the remains of a monastery that once stood there. It's not easy to reach (you have to wade through waist deep water for about five minutes) but it's a really unique place. If you put מעיין ימק"א in Google Maps or Waze you'll see the exact directions! Note that the entrance from the main road is closed - park at Arbel beach and walk south along the Sea of Galilee for about fifteen minutes to get there. Also, there is extreme pollution at the pool at the moment, lots of garbage is left behind on the side of the pool. Soon I'm planning a cleanup at the pool!

Achziv National Park

One of my favorite places in northern Israel, this national park on the coast is such a stunning place to visit - especially in the summer months! Achziv is an ancient settlement, that was mentioned as a Phoenician port city in the Old Testament. Nowadays, it's one of Israel's most beautiful beaches with natural rock pools that are actually the biblical remains! Where else in the world can you float in Biblical remains?!

The eye-shaped pool at Achziv beach

Next to the beach club at Achziv beach (left if you're standing on the parking lot facing the beach) you find this stunning eye-shaped pool that is perfect for drone photos! From land is also very beautiful of course and it's a great spot for snorkeling and fishing.

Most Instagrammable,photogenic places in Israel

Rosh Pinna

This picturesque village in northern Galilee overlooks the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) and has been one of my most surprising visits so far. It is so beautiful, so picturesque, with stunning views and some of Israel's most romantic hotels. The streets and houses are all made of stone, with lush green gardens and flowers everywhere.

When you visit Rosh Pinna, make sure to book a table at Shiri Bistro, the food is delicious and you cannot get a better view or atmosphere! They have a wine bar too, serving the best of Israeli wines. Another gem is Chocolate Rosh Pinna, a cozy chocolate and coffee shop with the best deserts. Click here to read my full travel guide to Rosh Pinna.

Gan Hashlosha

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful spots in the country! Gan Hashlosha is like a tropical oasis, located in one of the hottest parts of Israel. The main reason to visit is the natural spring, which flows water at a constant 28 degrees Celsius into the pools of the park via the Amal Stream. The water has the most beautiful turquoise color and surrounding the stream it truly looks like a tropical oasis with lush palm trees and flowers. The pools have been widened so that it is very comfortable to swim in and the park has all the facilities to make it comfortable to visit. The scenery here truly is beautiful that Time Magazine named Gan Hashlosha one of the most beautiful parks in the world.


Less then two hours from Tel Aviv, this ancient port city is one of Israel’s UNESCO World Heritage Sights and when visiting, you’ll immediately understand why. This city is one of Israel’s most interesting and most beloved cities to visit, both among Israelis and tourists – make sure not to miss out on Akko (Akko is its Hebrew name and Acre its English name) when visiting Israel. Akko is full of history, interesting cultural sights and it has some of Israel's best restaurants and unique boutique hotels! Click here for more info.

The city's Middle Eastern shuk, Medieval city walls and Ottoman history makes Akko one of the places in Israel with the most Middle-Eastern feel.

Most Instagrammable,photogenic places in Israel

Ma'agan Michael Beach

This heart-shaped rock in front of the Mediterranean is one of my favorite spots in the country to take photos. I love the laid-back vibe of the kibbutz around and this spot is perfect for sunset photoshoots!

It is very easy to reach, about a ten-minute walk on a dirt road from the parking lot. To get here by car: once you enter the kibbutz gate, turn right at the first roundabout and the second one again, until you see a little parking lot with in the distance the heart-shaped rock. Just keep in mind that in weekends, the gate to the kibbutz might be closed.

Most Instagrammable,photogenic places in Israel

Ein Shoko

This natural spring with views of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) is one of my favorite spots in the north! Waze takes you to a pink tank where you can park the car. From there, you follow the sign 'Ein Shoko' down a rocky path, after about ten minutes you reach this little slice of paradise! This is not really suitable for children, since it is a bit of a climb.

This spring is particularly refreshing in the summer, with its fresh cold water and lots of shade around for a little picnic.

Most Instagrammable,photogenic places in IsraelKeshet cave in the Western Galillee, Israel

Keshet Cave

These relatively unknown caves are often overlooked, though only a 15-minute drive from the famous Rosh Haniqra caves on the Israeli-Lebanese border. These two places are a perfect day trip! The Keshet Cave is located close to the border, high on a mountain top overlooking the entire north of Israel. Keshet means rainbow in Israel and it is no wonder why if you look at the picture below! Entrance to the Keshet Cave is free and you can reach the viewpoint through a wheelchair- friendly hiking path. Click here for more info about the Keshet Cave.

Ralli Museum, Caesarea

This free-of-charge art museum in the middle of Caesarea has one of the most beautiful courtyards in the country and to tell you the truth, my Instagram posts and stories from here have been one of my most successful ever! The Ralli museum in Caesarea is one of the five Ralli musea in the world and is dedicated to the memory of the Jews that were expelled from Spain and Portugal in the Inquisition and to the Jewish community in Greece, which was almost completely wiped out in the Holocaust. The museum has some very interesting art exhibitions and is perfect to wander around for 2-3 hours.

Note: when I visited, taking photos in the courtyard was perfectly acceptable, if done quietly and discretely. Long-lasting photoshoots and photoshoots with tripods are less accepted here, the guards might tell you to stop taking photos, since this is a public museum.

Caesarea national park

This must-visit park along Israel's coast is an absolute gem. It's the remains of a famous Roman port city that was home to King Herod and from where the apostle Paul sailed to Rome.


Tropical Garden in Park Hayarkon, Tel Aviv

Who would have thought that hidden in Tel Aviv's Yarkon Park you can find a tropical oasis that makes you feel like you're in Bali? This garden just had to be included in this list, since it is one of the most photogenic places in the country. It is rarely crowded, truly an oasis in the middle of the bustling city. Entrance is also free and it is very easy to get there - click here for all the info about the beautiful oasis.

Jerusalem Old City

When you visit Israel, Jerusalem's Old City will obviously be on your list of places to visit. Historically and culturally, this is Israel's most interesting place to visit, there can be no doubt about it. But did you know it is also so, so photogenic? My favorite photo locations are the Shuk in the Old City, the David Citadel next to the Yaffa Gate and the Abby of Dormition right outside the Zion Gate (photo on the right). Click here for lots of travel information, this is Jerusalem's official tourism site with all the information you could need before visiting!

Rockefeller Museum

This museum next to the Old City in Jerusalem has the most unique display of mosaics with a Moroccan feel, perfect for a photoshoot! Click here for info about the museum.

Tel Aviv "Tayelet"

Not exactly creative or surprising, but the view from the TLV Beach Club is one of my favorites in Israel to watch the sunset and perfect for a little photoshoot!

Apollonia National Park

You may have never heard of it before: Apollonia National Park. It's an archaeological park high on the cliffs of the Mediterranean boasting breathtaking views of Tel Aviv and the endless blues of the Mediterranean sea. Although the history of this park is very interesting, it is the wide open views of one of Israel's most beautiful coastlines that it truly making it worth while your visit. It is a mystery to me why this stunning place is so unknown in travel guides and itineraries about Israel - Apollonia deserves to be on your list when visiting Israel.

Old Yafo

Part of Tel Aviv city, Jaffa (Yafo in Hebrew) is one of Israel’s top tourist destinations. It is s one of the world’s oldest port cities, about 4000 years old and its narrow streets definitely take you back in time! Wander through the narrow stone streets and lose track of time. Soak up the beautiful historic buildings, eat Israel’s best hummus, explore the famous artistic flea market and discover some of Tel Aviv’s best boutiques and art galleries. Because Jaffa is so photogenic (and not all of the best photo locations are easy to find), here is an Instagram guide of Jaffa, with the most Instagrammable, photogenic spots in this ancient port city.


Ramon Crater (Mitzpe Ramon)

When you stand on the edge of Mitzpe Ramon it feels like the edge of the world. Stretched out in front of you, there is nothing but miles and miles of desert moon landscape. It is so serene, the first time I stood there it took my breath away. This 40km wide and 2km long crater is the world’s biggest erosion crater – unbelievable that this seemingly desolate desert landscape once was an ocean filled with life! If you are visiting Israel and you are planning to spend some time in the desert, make sure Mitzpe Ramon is on your list. Click here for my travel guide to Mitzpe Ramon.

Neot Semadar

When you're in the south of Israel, the art center of kibbutz Neot Semadar is an absolute must! The building looks like straight from a fairytale and it is surrounded by rose gardens - it is one of the most unique places I have visited in Israel. The art center is a where all sorts of artists have their work place and their art is on display in the art gallery.

Red Canyon

One of Israel's most hidden gems is the magical Red Canyon. It is tucked away next to the border with Egypt, in the very south of the Arava desert - only about a twenty minutes drive from Eilat. Not only is it a stunning nature reserve with a gorgeous canyon, it is completely free to enter and rarely crowded.

Click here for a full traveler's guide to the Red Canyon.

Red Canyon in Israel

Hamukei Nitzana

The white chalk desert of Nitzana is a stunning piece of desert to visit in Israel! It is not a large part of desert, but big enough to have a little hike and take beautiful photos. In the area though, you can also visit Tel Nitzana, an interesting archeological park, Ezuz, an artist village nearby and the Ramat Negev winery.

Dead Sea Salt Islands

Probably the most photogenic place in Israel, so it must be added to this list! The salt islands are easily reachable by wading through the water. When you park at the Isrotel Dead Sea hotel you'll see them across the street.

Timna Park

One of the most beautiful parks in Israel, and one of the most photogenic places of the country. Timna is located in the very south of Israel, only half an hour drive north of Eilat. It is actually located close to the more famous Wadi Rum desert in Jordan and looks quite similar with its red desert landscape. Timna is home to some stunning formations, like the arches, and home to the oldest known copper mine in the world. Park Timna is very comfortable to drive through and you can even spend the night in a caravan or tent next to the central lake in the park. An absolute must!

The hidden lake

Right next to Park Timna you can find this stunning lake in the middle of the desert. It is a man made lake, but truly stunning for photoshoots!

The water of the lake is polluted by the nearby industry, so it is not recommended for swimming.

Which of these places is your favorite? And are there any places you would like to see included? Let me know below in a comment!