Top Instagrammable places in Israel

Updated: Oct 25

There is so much to see in Israel, historic sights, endless beautiful landscapes and awe-inspiring viewpoints - endless beautiful places! For over three years now, I am blogging about traveling in Israel while exploring this tiny, but most fascinating country from north to south and believe me, I thought my list of beautiful & interesting places to visit would run out, but it keeps getting longer and longer! This blog post is a very personal one, close to my heart - since I am always looking to capture the most photogenic, magical spots in Israel. Below you can find all the most photogenic, awe-inspiring places for photographers, bloggers and Instagram lovers - but there are many more, so keep an eye on this blog post because new places will be added here regularly! I have divided this list in North, Center and South, so that it is easier for you to navigate through. When you travel in Israel and explore these beautiful places, don't forget to tag @talesofisrael on Instagram, so I can share your travel photos and videos on Instagram!


Most Instagrammable,photogenic places in Israel

Palm tree paradise at the Sea of Galilee

The area around the Sea of Galilee has a tropical feel and not just because of its temperatures! The area is filled with date palm plantations and tropical fruit trees. It is one of my favorite parts of the country to take photos, especially the date palm plantation next to the Yardenit (across the street from the parking lot) and the shores of the Sea of Galilee at Hukok beach where you can find palm trees all along its shores and even inside the water. At Hukok Beach, there is a small entrance fee, but worth paying to see the palm trees in the water! If you don't want to pay an entrance fee, Arbel Beach is stunning too and free - and much more quiet.

From Arbel beach you can also walk to the famous natural pool inside the Kinneret, which is part of the remains of a monastery that once stood there. It's not easy to reach (you have to wade through waist deep water for about five minutes) but it's a really unique place. If you put מעיין ימק"א in Google Maps or Waze you'll see the exact directions! Note that the entrance from the main road is closed - park at Arbel beach and walk south along the Sea of Galilee for about fifteen minutes to get there. Also, there is extreme pollution at the pool at the moment, lots of garbage is left behind on the side of the pool. Soon I'm planning a cleanup at the pool!

Achziv National Park

One of my favorite places in northern Israel, this national park on the coas