The ultimate traveler's guide to the Dead Sea

Updated: Oct 3

Definitely one of the most iconic, wonderful places to visit in Israel. The lowest place on earth, a sea so salty, you can only float in it. Where the air you breath is filled with minerals and the mud from the sea heals body and mind. Welcome to the world's best natural spa. Here you can find all the information you need before planning your trip to the Dead Sea, from how to get there to most Instagrammable spots!

Some fun facts about the Dead Sea! Did you know its shores are 430,5 meters below sea level?! Driving to the Dead Sea is an experience on its own, from high up the mountains you descend about 1500 meters to reach its shores. It has a salinity (amount of salt) of 34.2%, which makes it one of the saltiest waters in the world - as a result, you can read a magazine while floating in the Dead Sea! Also, did you know it's actually a lake? Sadly, the Dead Sea is receding swiftly, causing dangerous sink holes on its shores. This is why I only recommend you to visit public authorized beaches with lifeguard services.

When to visit

The Dead Sea can be visited all year round, because of its unique climate. However, in winter (Dec-Jan) it can be a bit grey and gloomy on some days and there can even be waves, which makes it impossible to go in. On the other hand, it can be beautiful and sunny during the winter months - so makes sure to check the weather forecast and plan accordingly! Keep in mind that from December to March it won't exactly be sunbathing season, though weather can be pleasant - it's usually not warm enough for bikini sunbathing.

From June to September it is the exact opposite: it will be very hot. Temperatures at the Dead Sea are so high during the summer months that the temperature of the water is high too, which can even make it uncomfortable to go in at midday!

I recommend you to visit in the early morning hours or right before sunset - the sun is not as strong and especially in the early morning the water is a bit cooler.

The best months to visit in my opinion are April-June and September-November. Weather will be very comfortable and the water temperature as well.