Caparnaum's hidden gem: a must see in Northern Israel

Updated: May 25, 2019

This past weekend I have been exploring the north of Israel for the first time in a while, around the Sea of Galilee (in Israel it is called the Kinneret) and the Golan Heights, looking for hidden gems. I am very excited to have found a beautiful little church at the most idyllic spot of the Kinneret I have seen so far! Just look at the photo below, isn’t this worth a visit?

This is the Greek Orthodox church of Capernaum, a few hundred meters away from the main site of Capernaum. This is a sacred place for Christians, so keep that in mind if you are planning to visit. Not only do you have to dress accordingly (no shorts and shoulders must be covered), be respectful towards the people visiting the church. When I was there, we only took a few quick shots, made sure we were not bothering anyone and didn’t go to some parts of the gardens, because they were having a religious ceremony.

Built in 1931, the church stands close to the lake shoreline, in a lush, secluded haven of beautifully well-kept gardens. Inside, the walls and ceilings are covered with impressive frescoes depicting biblical themes. The views on the lake from the gardens are the most idyllic, photogenic I’ve seen!


The Greek Orthodox Church of Capernaum, also named the Church of the twelve apostles is not reachable via the main tourist site, you have to stay on the main road and drive towards the Jordan river (east ward, towards the Golan Heights); after a few minutes’ drive you will see a small road leading towards the Kinneret with the sign of a church. This is the first exit after the main tourist site of Capernaum.

The opening hours are not regular, though there is a church service every Sunday morning. You can check with the patriarchate in Jerusalem before visiting: 972 (0)2 6282048.


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