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Ten unique places to stay in Israel

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Spring is here and we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel here in Israel. Time to plan a trip! If you're looking for a unique, out-of-the-box place to stay, an amazing zimmer or a beautiful guesthouse - you'll definitely find something you love in this carefully created list with some of our most favorite, unique places to stay in Israel. *note: this blog post contains affiliate links - this does not influence prices for you, but allows me to continue working on Tales of Israel!

Most unique places to stay in Israel

Spring of Genesis - מעיין בראשית

This zimmer (how we call luxury cabins & guest houses in Israel) is one of the most unique out of the hundreds available in Israel. Located in Mattat, a little village high up in the Galilee mountains, there are two very unique and luxury cabins, handcrafted with stunning design and both with incredible views. Just look at this dreamy view from the private hot tub, isn't it the dreamiest?

You have to book this zimmer way in advance since it's incredibly popular. Click here for more info and bookings.

Desert Adventure Glamping

Desert Adventure Glamping: top unique places to stay in Israel

Have you ever gone glamping? It's like camping, but with lots of style and comfort! The concept is pretty new in Israel and a few weeks ago we tried it for ourselves and it was an absolute dream. Hidden deep in the Negev desert, in the sand dunes of Beer Milka they set up this gorgeous camp site, with comfortable tents, all the facilities to be comfortable, traditional Bedouin meals and lots of attractions available like stargazing and jeep tours. Upon our arrival, we had Arabic coffee and tea ready above a fire, the way it has been served traditionally in the Middle East for centuries. We went sandboarding, hiked in the beautiful desert and learned about the stars from an astronomer. There is heating inside the tents, ecological toilets and showers (with hot water) and it's great to stay for families, friends and couples. Click here for more info about Desert Adventure Glamping.

Daya Guesthouse

Daya Guesthouse: top ten unique places to stay in Israel

One of the loveliest, most beautiful places to stay in Israel! Daya Guesthouse has a glass cabin in the woods with outdoor bathroom and kitchen and a cozy apartment which is at the moment for females only who are looking for a quiet retreat.

There is an outdoor hot tub, sauna and pool with the most stunning views.

It is located in the beautiful village of Gita, in the Western Galilee. Click here for more info and bookings.

Desert Days

One of the most unique places to stay in Israel's Arava is Desert Days in Tsukim. Twelve ecological cabins, made with the ancient Middle Eastern building method of clay and straw. Each of the twelve cabins is unique and named after one of the tribes of Israel and there's a shared pool and yoga studio. For more info and bookings, click here.

Beit Gino

This guesthouse is such a gem! Located in Migdal, close to the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) and with stunning views on Mount Arbel - it is a great place to stay for couples. Hosts are lovely and showed us to some of the most beautiful hidden gems we've seen in the north.

The guesthouse is located right next to the host's home, has cozy boho decor and has a beautiful outdoor living room, outdoor kitchen and garden.

For more info and bookings, click here.

Trieste Neve Tsedek

Located in one Tel Aviv's oldest building, in the heart of the beautiful neighborhood of Neve Tsedek, this is one of the most unique places to stay in Tel Aviv. They have three suites, renovated for a luxury stay with style, but they've maintained the historic details of the structure, which makes it so unique. Upon arrival, wine from their own vineyard is waiting for you and beer from their own brewery. This is a family owned business and you can really feel the love that they've put into this place to make your stay o so special. For more info and bookings, click here.

Spiceroute Inn

Have you ever stayed at a traditional Middle Eastern 'Khan'? It's one of the most unique experiences you can have in Israel, sleeping and living in a traditional Bedouin tent. Usually the tents are for multiple families, with matrasses on the floor and shared meals while lounging on pillows. a khan is not complete without camels, so at Spiceroute Inn you can see the camels and go for a little ride with them. To make your stay comfortable during summer months, there is a pool and they even have a few luxury cabins for couples with private pool. For more info and bookings, click here.

Bikta Bachava - בקתה בחווה

The ultimate zimmer experience, a wooden cabin with jacuzzi in the middle of a vineyard close to the beautiful town of Rosh Pinna. Vineyard views all around, cozy decor - it really is the perfect place to have a romantic, relaxing break for a couple. Note that this cabin is for couples only. They tend to sell out quickly, so make sure to book in advance.

For more info and bookings, click here.

Khan Ein Gedi

Sleeping in a vintage Volkswagen at the lowest place on earth with a view of the Dead Sea, sounds pretty amazing doesn't it? Ein Gedi camp lodge really is a gem, offering this unique experience! You can also rent a tent or bring your own, depending on your budget. There's an outdoor lounge with view and the Ein Gedi national park and botanical gardens (a must-see!) are only a stones throw away. For more info and bookings, click here.

Behind the Forest

Closing this list with one of my personal favorites, the beautiful Behind the Forest. They really are located on the edge of the forest in the vegetarian village of Amirim, from your doorstep you walk straight into the forest. They have several cabins on their property, with a shared outdoor forest spa. One of those gems with great hospitality. If you're looking for a relaxing break in nature, this is the place for you. For more info and bookings, click here.


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