Tel Aviv's ultimate vegan hotspot: Meshek Barzilay

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Did you know Tel Aviv is the vegan capital of the world? It has the most per capita vegans in the world, an estimate of one in ten Tel Avivians is vegan and the city has over 400 vegan(friendly) restaurants and eateries. Veganism is an important part of the Tel Avivian lifestyle and a must-try when you're visiting! Nestled in between the characteristic buildings of Neve Tsedek is Meshek Barzilay, an originally farm-to-table, all vegan restaurant. It is THE vegan hotspot in Tel Aviv (and actually in all of Israel), open daily from breakfast to dinner.

What I love about Meshek Barzilay is how creative and healthy every single dish on the menu is, with many dishes being gluten free. The classic' Meshek morning' breakfast is my personal favorite breakfast, with lots of house-made delicious vegan cheeses and tofu scrambled eggs. It's great to share this breakfast, for only 118 ILS including two drinks each. Don't forget to order dessert though, their raw vegan chocolate cake is mouthwatering!

From noon, the restaurant serves its lunch/dinner menu. The burger is a local favorite, but I also recommend the Caesar's Salad and Nial Sal, a pumpkin steak with mashed root vedgetables, black lentil dal and hazelnuts.

What is really unique about Meshek Barzilay, is that they have a seasonal menu next to the regular menu with local, seasonal specials. The dishes are available seperately, but they also offer a double tasting menu for 300 ILS which includes all nine dishes on the menu! I've tried it and absolutely loved it - you're set from starter to dessert with unique and delicious seasonal dishes.

Did you know Meshek Barzilay also offers vegan cooking workshops and that they have a deli next door? From the deli you can now order Shabbat dinners at your doorstep!

For more info about Meshek Barzilay, click here.

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