Spring in Tel Aviv - a photo guide

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Though it's only mid-February and temperatures are still mild, signs of spring are all around! The flowers start to bloom and the trees are blossoming. To fully capture the beauty of spring, my favorite season of year, I started a 30-day challenge! Every day, before starting work, I do something creative for myself, to start the day getting creative and inspired. Many of those days I take my camera out to capture Tel Aviv in bloom and now, after almost three weeks, quite a collection of photos has been building up! To share some spring vibes with you, and to show you some new gems in Tel Aviv, I have made a photo guide of my favorite creative mornings.

P.S. I can recommend creative mornings to everyone, it is the best start of a productive, creative and inspired day. I have never been more productive than since I started this challenge!

The Russian Orthodox Church

Sunrise at the beach

Did you know the Mediterranean in Israel is most beautiful during spring? The water is the clearest, cleanest and calmest of the entire year and some mornings it looks more like the Indian Ocean with it's deep blue tones!

Streets of Tel Aviv

Cactus garden in bloom

Which photo shoot is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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