Rothschild Boulevard: the Tel Aviv experience you shouldn't miss

Last week I was tourist in my own city exploring Tel Aviv’s famous Rothschild Boulevard. Funny thing is, I used to live on Rothschild Boulevard, but never actually explored this iconic street, that is like the Ramblas of Tel Aviv. The boulevard connects Habima square to Neve Tsedek and has many important sights, hotels and restaurants. If you’ve visited Tel Aviv you’ve probably been there and if you are planning on visiting, you should most definitely spend a few hours wandering around Rothschild! I explored it with Bitemojo, a self-guided food tour with lots of interesting info on the app.

What makes Rothschild so special, is how typically ‘Telavivian’ it is, with food kiosks everywhere, locals and tourists picnicking or reading books from the free book carts, high class restaurants, world class boutique hotels, co-working spaces and start-up offices… Walking Rothschild is an interesting mix of all that Tel Aviv stands for. Once you reach the end of Rothschild, where the street meets Neve Tsedek, you can visit the famous Independence Hall where David Ben Gurion announced the State of Israel.

What I’m trying to say in this blog post is that exploring Rothschild Boulevard is an experience. A cultural experience, a local experience and a culinary experience all in one. I recommend walking from north to south; starting at the famous kiosk ‘We love you too’ and ending with the best macaroons in town in Neve Tsedek. If you’re interested in exploring with Bitemojo, you can find more about their tours here: As a local, I learned a lot about Rothschild and discovered the best macaroons I’ve ever had at L’Amande D’or (!



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