It’s a dog’s life in Tel Aviv

Did you know Tel Aviv is the dog capital of the world? One in twelve Tel Avivians owns a dog and that’s the highest per capita percentage in the world. The city is literally packed with dogs, it was one of the first things I noticed when I first visited the White City. But no boring stay-at-home life for dogs in Tel Aviv! They go with their owners to coffee places, bars, the office and there are two beaches in Tel Aviv designed for dogs so that they too can soak up some vitamin sea. Since most Tel Avivians live in apartments and don’t have a lot of space, the municipality has built at least a few dog gardens in every neighborhood where the owners can catch up with the neighbors while the dogs are socializing.

What I really love is how dog, and in general, animal friendly Israelis are. Adopting a dog really is a thing here, like a community charity; if you have time and space for a dog, adopt! Every Friday (which is like Saturday everywhere else in the world), it’s adopt-a-dog-day and shelters bring their dogs to parks in the city center where you can not only adopt a dog, but can foster, donate and volunteer.

Obviously, I couldn’t stay behind in this community thing since I’m obsessed with animals! Growing up in Holland our house was like a zoo, we always had several animals to lighten up our world. I believe animals are a mirror for us humans, since they are always pure and good. I love how animals just brighten up a house; they bring us the purest happiness with there cuteness and innocence.

In my house, I have Bono and Bar to lighten up the world! They are brothers, best friends and totally part of the family. While I’m writing this blog, they are sitting next to me in the local coffee place while the waitress is getting them water and a bowl of vegan dog food. It can’t get more Tel Avivian than that!


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