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Caesarea beach: a must visit when traveling to Israel

Updated: May 25, 2019

Have you heard about Aqueduct beach in Israel? This beach is wildly popular among locals in the summer months, but it seems tourists have not discovered this gem yet!

The name - and the picture above - says it all: this beach is known for the Roman aqueduct running all along the beach, which not only makes this beach one of Israel's most photogenic spots, it's also a very cool background for when you're sunbathing. Not to mention the most beautiful, crystal clear blue water I have seen in Israel. The beach is a hop and a skip away from the famous Caesarea National Park (, the Roman city that attracts millions of visitors each year. The good thing about the beach is that entrance is free! It's very easy to find - both Google Maps and Waze have 'aqueduct beach' in their maps. Their is plenty of parking space right in front of the beach and in the summer there is a kiosk with food and drinks; however, there are no bathroom facilities.

Below are some more photos from Aqueduct beach - it was a bit stormy when we there to take pictures for this blog, I will go back soon on a sunny day to show you how beautiful the sea is there :)