From Amsterdam to Tel Aviv: once upon a love story

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Have you ever fallen head over heels with a certain place on earth? Have you every found a place that made you feel like home and you couldn’t be apart from it anymore?

‘You have to find that one place that brings out the human in you. The soul in you. The love in you’ - R.M. Drake

OK, I guess we’ve all traveled to places that forever hold a place in our hearts because we loved it there so much. Maybe it was the vibe, the people we met or a brief moment of happiness that made us fall in love. But, what happens once you return from your #travels and realize that home doesn't feel like ‘home’ anymore? Oops.. This happened to me after I spend a week in Tel Aviv.

This city unexpectedly stole my heart forever. It happened so sudden, one moment I was just having another trip to Israel and a month later I was on the plane back to Tel Aviv. I quit my PhD, sold my stuff and gave Amsterdam a big hug. I couldn’t explain what it was, I just felt I HAD to be in Tel Aviv.

Now here we are, four years later and the love is real! Still it’s hard to put into words what it is about Tel Aviv that attracts me so much. It’s really a feeling deep down inside that this place is my home. Of course, I love how it’s always summer here (such a cliche I know, but it just makes my heart so happy to see the sun) and that I now live a few minutes’ walk from the Mediterranean; if you’ve ever seen the North Sea you understand my excitement ;).. I love eating vegan shakshuka at Anastasia, seeing the Hassidic rollerblading man on Dizengoff, taking my camera to Florentin to capture the street art and watching the city go quiet on Shabbat.

What made my love for this city real I think, is that it inspires me on so many levels. After many years I got back to writing that I love so much and I rediscovered how much I enjoy taking pictures. This is how Tales of Visuals began! Will you follow this journey with me?


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