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Gan Hashlosha: a must visit tropical oasis in Northern Israel

Until recently, the Beit Shean region, between the Gilboa mountains and the Jordan river was never on my radar. Little did I know, this area of Israel – one of the hottest area’s in the country – hosts countless hot springs, waterfalls and endless palm trees. Gan Hashlosha is THE hotspot of the area, an official national park with hot springs and waterfalls – a tropical oasis that truly is a must visit! To be honest, it is now one of my favorite spots in the whole country. Because this park is still a hidden gem among tourists (though famous among locals), I had to share it with you! Just look at the picture below, isn’t this alone worth a visit?

The main reason to visit the park is the natural spring, which flows water at a constant 28 degrees Celsius into the pools of the park via the Amal Stream. The water has the most beautiful turquoise color and surrounding the stream it truly looks like a tropical oasis with lush palm trees and flowers. The pools have been widened so that it is very comfortable to swim and the lush greenery around the pools is perfect for relaxation and provide ample shade for the long summer. The scenery here truly is wonderful, leading Time Magazine to name Gan Hashlosha as one of the most beautiful parks in the world!

The park also hosts several waterfalls, an ancient water mill and a Mediterranean archaeological museum with tools found in the area, dating back to ancient times. The park lies on an ancient crossroad, connecting Damascus to Jerusalem and Egypt – so you can imagine the history here dates back thousands of years!

As in all national parks in Israel, the facilities here are well-kept. Changing rooms, showers and bathrooms are everywhere, there is lifeguard service and first aid emergency. The park also hosts a kiosk for drinks and snacks and a simple restaurant where they serve fast food for reasonable prices.

Getting there

Gan Hashlosha is just off road 669, between the Hashita junction and Beit She’an in the Lower Galilee.

Bus 412 from Afula to Bet She’an reaches the site. The bus stop literally is in front of the park entrance and busses run twice an hour. From Afula, is it is 20 minutes by bus and only 10 minutes from Bet She’an.

Opening hours

April-September: 8am – 5pm October-March: 8am – 4pm On Fridays and holiday eves the site closes one hour earlier. Last entry is one hour before closing time.

For prices and more information: visit