Spring in Israel: flower picking in Beer Tuvia

This year, it seems spring lasts longer than ever and the flowers are blooming all over. Just last week I was driving in Rehovot and found a field full of poppies, which stretched out as far as I could see – while it is April! In case you are not aware, the poppies usually bloom in February, by this time of year the bloom should be very much over – but this isn’t a year like any other. The rain is prolonging the bloom and blossoms and nature seems greener and more vibrant than in previous years. Moreover, did you hear Israel has the highest number of butterflies this spring ever recorded? I have been visiting quite a few flower fields over the past weeks and the butterflies seem to be everywhere, how special is that?!

Pesach is almost here, and around this holiday the buttercup flowers are in bloom. They are not wildflowers, but are grown at flower farms across Israel. Forget the flower fields in the Netherlands and Carlsbad California you see all over Instagram this time of year, within an over drive from Tel Aviv you can take the same photos!

In Beer Tuvia, next to Kiryat Malachi, is the closest flower picking farm. It is a large flower field with buttercup flowers in many different colors that can be picked for 50 ILS the bucket. In case you don’t want to bring any flowers home, entrance to the flower fields costs 10 ILS. They are open the coming weekends from 9 AM to 5 PM and during Choel Hamoed in Pesach. All other weekdays, there is not entrance to the flower fields. The farm is very easy to find in Waze, just type קטיף נוריות בער טוביה

Next to the flower fields is a stand with shade and drinks & popsicles for sale. For all information and updates, see their facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/thecentralgallery/

The fields get really busy, so I recommend you to go as early as possible. See the photos below for some inspiration!


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