Five fabulous day trips in Israel

Updated: Sep 16

Discover some of Israel's most exciting hidden gems - all within a two-hour drive from Tel Aviv! Enjoy some of the best views of the country, drink wine at Israel's most beautiful winery or explore the Dead Sea's salt structure away from the touristy beaches.

Ein Hod & wine tasting in the Carmel

Often overlooked because of it's more famous neighbor Zichron Yaakov, Ein Hod is such a gem in the Carmel! This artist village is one of the most picturesque villages in the country, with art galleries everywhere and even art displayed on the streets. You can also do all kinds of pottery and painting workshops (to be booked in advance, click here for more info) and Sabaya has the best views, delicious pizza and on Shabbat even jachnun! If you want a more traditional lunch, visit neighboring Arab village Ein Hawd to eat at House restaurant, where they serve mouth-watering, traditional Arabic dishes with wild herbs and vegetables from the Carmel forest.

A bit further north on road 4, only a few minutes away from Ein Hod, lies - in my opinion - the most beautiful winery in Israel. To get to Amphorae winery, you have a ten to fifteen minute walk through their organic gardens, wine ranks and olive groves, which makes you feel like in Tuscany. The winery itself totally makes you forget you're in Israel (honestly, Amphorae is the place I visit whenever I miss Europe) - it's the perfect spot for a wine tasting.

Click below for directions to Ein Hod. Looking to spend the night in Ein Hod? ArtRest is a wonderful little zimmer in the middle of Ein Hod.

Salt structures at the Dead Sea

When most people visit the Dead Sea, they either choose the north side of the sea with it's organized beaches like Kalia and Ein Gedi, or visit the south side of the sea to stay at the resorts. South of these resorts, you can find some of the most beautiful parts of the Dead Sea, where the shores are full with salt creations. There are two places you have to visit: the promenade between Ein Bokek and Neve Zohar and just south from the Leonardo Plaza in Neve Zohar.

Salt structures at the Dead Sea

This is what you'll find next to the promenade, these salt islands are a short swim from the shore. Especially if you have a drone, this is one of the most beautiful places in Israel to photograph!