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Cactus paradise: discover Tel Aviv’s most hidden gem

About a year ago, I was aimlessly browsing on Google Maps and suddenly found a little blip on the map called: Gan Hakaktusim. This #garden is hidden inside the Yarkon Park, Tel Aviv’s Central Park. This park is huge and stretches out across the entire north of #telaviv. Back then I didn’t give it too much thought, until my sister recently visited the Yarkon Park to practice her photography skills. She had taken some photos of the #cactus garden and immediately we decided to go back together; boyyy I was glad we did!

When you’re visiting Tel Aviv, this garden should definitely be on your list. Who doesn't love huge cacti and palm trees?! This garden really is a #hiddengem, most likely you'll have it all to yourself. Have you heard of the Majorelle Garden in Marrakesh? Besides the pretty blue everywhere in Majorelle, I think this garden is way more beautiful and special with many different kinds of cacti! Also, next to the cactus garden there is a picturesque lake, rose gardens, palm tree forests and just a lot of green open fields that are perfect for a picnic. There are toilets scattered throughout the park. Just bring plenty of water, there is just one restaurant in the park and it’s not close to the cactus garden.

Just look at the pictures, isn’t this place gorgeous? Below you can find how exactly to get there!

The garden is hidden inside the Yarkon Park and the entrance is right next to the hot air balloon (the one you cannot miss). However, it’s surrounded by a rock garden and you have to go through a narrow rocky entrance to get to the cactus garden. In front of the entrance is a large art sculpture; once you’ve entered the rock garden go to the left and you’re in the cactus garden. There is no entrance fee and the gates are open between 8 AM and 4 PM. Also, the Yarkon Park is home to about thirty jackals (yes, jackals!) and when I was there they were pretty close to us. They shouldn’t be dangerous, except for when they have rabies. But don’t worry, the park is their home, and they are used to seeing people all the time.

How to get there? If you’re going by car, follow Rokach Boulevard, until after you’ve passed the highway Ayalon. Take a right turn right after the viaduct (don’t go on the highway!) and you can park there (it’s a paid parking lot). With public transport: you can take a bus to Tel Aviv University Train Station, or (when you’re from out of Tel Aviv), take the train. From there it’s about a ten-minute walk through the park. Just follow the hot air balloon!

Enjoy your visit and remember, don't touch!