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A photography guide to Mitzpe Ramon: most Instagrammable places

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

One of Israel's most beautiful places is the desert moon landscape of the Ramon Crater, the largest erosion crater in the world. Last year I wrote a complete travel guide to Mitzpe Ramon and to make it complete, here is a photography guide to this gorgeous place so you know exactly where to take the best Instagram photos!

Crater's edge

When you visit Mitzpe Ramon and the Ramon crater, you'll for sure want to visit the town's edge where they created a visitor's center and boulevard with gorgeous views. The visitor's center itself is very interesting but not the most photogenic, and neither is the official viewpoint next to the visitor's center. Instead, there are several beautiful settings along the crater where it's less crowded and where you can take stunning photos:

The Sculpture garden

Head west from the Beresheet Hotel and you'll find a range of sculptures that form a beautiful setting for some interesting photos. During sunrise this is especially good to set up your camera. Don't head there for sunset, the sun will disappear behind the town's buildings!

The Boardwalk

The boardwalk is the path that runs from the visitor's center to the camel mountain all along the crater's edge. There are a few points where you can take the best photos: left from the official viewpoint, on the boardwalk itself when you play with perspectives (like the photo below) and the entrance to the national trail (right before the camel mountain). Here you can best play with the depth of the crater and usually it's not too crowded here!

There are a few curves in the boardwalk, allowing you to play with the depth of the crater like here in this photo! Taking these photos is perfectly safe, since you're all the time right on the path.

The Camel Mountain