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A photo guide of Florentin

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Wondering what Tel Aviv's hipster neighborhood looks like? This neighborhood is often put in line after Williamsburg, New York and Kreuzberg, Berlin. It is not only my favorite part of Tel Aviv, it is my home. As a content creative, this neighborhood inspires me daily with its' street art, wonderful people, amazing coffee places and art galleries. Here's a little digital tour of Florentin!

Very soon you will be able to join me on a real life tour around my neighborhood - I will show you all my favorite Instagram spots. Sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know!

Florentin lies just south of the famous Rothschild Boulevard with all its high tech towers - giving great street views

Florentin is one of Tel Aviv's oldest neighborhoods, originally mostly Greek and Turkish immigrants settled here. Now it is a hotspot for young professionals and creatives

The Levinski Shuk is Tel Aviv's famous spice market.

When at the Levinski market, you have to try the famous Israeli drink 'gazoz' at Cafe Levinski. Especially a must in the hot summer months!

Florentin is alive 24/7 - with amazing coffee kiosks and restaurants everywhere

Amazing street art literally everywhere