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A photo guide of Jerusalem

They call it 'the city of gold' and it truly is a magical city - full of beauty, history and interesting sites to visit. Though unfortunately the city is stirred by conflict, you will find that - when you visit - it mostly takes place on the political stage and in the media. This city truly is a gem, wandering through the streets of the Old City will leave you speechless for sure. I am writing an itinerary about Jerusalem, but decided in this blog to show you Jerusalem through my camera lens, because I believe photos are the most powerful storytellers!

'Photography is the only language understood anywhere in the world.'

The Old City of Jerusalem is completely surrounded by walls, you can enter the city via one its famous gates - of which the Jaffa gate is by far my favorite. It's the most photogenic entrance, clean and with beautiful views. Also, from the Jaffa gate you can most easily access the Old City's highlights. It's quite a maze once you're inside and I find the city most easy to navigate from this side.

From the Jaffa gate it's like you entered another world - a world where time has stood still. Prepare for historic, photogenic buildings behind every corner! From the square below you can enter all four quarters of the Old City: the Armenian, Christian, Jewish and Arab. All of them have their own charm and historic sights, but more about that in my next blog about Jerusalem!

For now, can you guess in which quarters the pictures are taken? :)