A beach guide to Tel Aviv

Updated: May 23, 2019

In Tel Aviv, every day is beach day. Did you know that National Geographic listed Tel Aviv as the 9th best beach city in the world? If you have ever visited Tel Aviv you are probably not surprised, the city has 14 km (9 miles) of seashore with 16 beaches to choose from! During the season (April to October) there are lifeguard services and you can rent a bed for most beaches. Two beds and an umbrella will cost you about 25 ILS. Also, there are ice cream vendors walking up and down the beaches; make sure to try their pineapple-coconut ice cream, trust me you won’t regret it ;) Along all those kilometers of Mediterranean seashore, you can certainly find your kind of beach. There are wild beaches with cliffs without any amenities, upscale beaches with clean facilities, beaches for volleyball lovers, dog beaches, a gay beach, etc etc. You name it and it’s probably there! This is the guide to Tel Aviv’s best beaches!

Safety at the beaches

Safety first! I don’t recommend swimming at a beach without lifeguard services, the sea shore is filled with rocks and can have dangerous currents. If you are not sure whether you are on a declared beach, look for the lifeguard stand. The stands have flags that are also spread out along the beach, indicating the sea conditions: blue or white flags indicate a calm sea, red means the sea is not calm, but you are allowed to swim; but a black flag means the sea is too dangerous for swimming. Also, in July and August there can be jellyfish (meduzot); they are not dangerous but their tentacles leave little marks that can sting a bit. Lastly, like at every beach in the world, don’t leave your valuables unattended when you go for a swim. Especially during the season when tourists flock to the city, there are pick pockets active. Though pick pocketing is not very common in Israel, I’ve heard of many instances at the Tel Aviv beaches (especially those next to the center area).

1. The unnamed beach

This is such a hidden gem; the beach doesn’t even have a name! It is located behind sand dunes and high cliffs called 'Top of the hill' in Google maps. If you walk down from the top, follow the path on the left side of the benches and you can enter the beach below the cliff. The distance from Tel Aviv center is seven kilometers, so you can get there by bike or car. The reason why this beach deserves its first spot is because of the views! You arrive on the cliffs, with the most amazing views on the sea and Tel Aviv. Trust me, if you are a fan of sunsets (like me) go there! I also prefer this beach the most for a picnic or a long walk, because it’s quiet. Be ware though, there are no lifeguard services and no facilities, so I wouldn’t recommend it for swimming.

2. Frishman beach

This is the middle of the three most famous beaches in the center of Tel Aviv (Gordon, Frishman & Bograshov). They have their names from the street that ends in that particular beach. Frishman beach is easily recognizable because of its’ colored lifeguard house and is my favorite. The crowd is a mix of tourists (mostly young professionals) and local Tel Avivians and there are volleyball nets with daily games. The facilities here are good and the vibe laid back, the beach club is one of the best of all Tel Aviv beaches in my opinion.