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A beach guide to Israel

Beach season is here! Yes yes, it is beach season for almost half of the year in Israel -

but there is just something MAGICAL about the beginning of summer, don't you think? When you think beach in Israel, the fabulous beaches of Tel Aviv immediately come to mind, but did you know Israel has amazing beaches too at the Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea and Red Sea? Not to mention the dreamy, rocky shores between Netanya and Haifa. Below I've gathered all the best beaches for you - enjoy your salty, sun-kissed beach days!

Best beaches in Israel

Gedor Beach Reserve
My personal favorite, because these beaches with high cliffs, blue lagoons and rocky shores are not only breathtaking, they're rarely crowded. If you've traveled a bit in Israel - you know that finding A QUIET BEACH in Israel is an almost impossible challenge! I guess the reason these beaches are not that crowded, is because there are no facilities. There's a free parking place about two minutes' walk from the main lagoon, but that's about it. No bathrooms, showers or beach clubs, so keep that in mind when you visit! The beaches are perfect for unspoiled beach days and long walks;

How to get there: 'Gedor Beach Reserve' in Waze or Google Maps will take you straight to the parking lot. You can also get here by bus from Tel Aviv, if you're prepared to walk 25 minutes from the Hadera Junction bus stop at Road 2.

Achziv National Park
Israel's most northern beaches! Achziv is an area of several beaches located between Nahariya and Rosh Haniqra, of which the most beautiful one is a lagoon located inside the national park. It's no doubt one of Israel's most unique beaches, because it is an archeological site, an ancient port turned into a stunning lagoon where you can swim and relax in the 3000 year old remains! Can a beach visit get any more special? Another BIG PLUS of this national park is that it's a camp site too, you can spend the night here right next to the beach. A really great place for a day- or camping trip.
The park is open daily from 8 AM to 5 PM (unless you're staying overnight of course) - click here for all details.
A beach guide to Israel

West Lagoon Beach (Argaman Beach), Netanya

Another gem of a beach, with beautiful high cliffs and rocky shores - providing shade and a perfect setting for photoshoots :) There is a parking place right by the beach and all the facilities you need, including lifeguard services and showers. Tip: upon entering the beach, turn left and walk a few hundred meters past the lifeguard tower, it's the more beautiful and quiet part of the beach.

How to get there: Argaman Beach in Waze or Google Maps will take you straight to the parking lot. Busses 601 & 605 from Tel Aviv stop not far from the beach, it's about a fifteen minute walk from the bus stop.
Best beaches in Israel

Mosh Beach, Eilat

Looking for a dreamy, bohemian day at Israel's Red Sea shore? Mosh Beach is by far Eilat's most interesting, beautiful beach - both loved by locals and tourists. It has an Indian, Goa style vibe and is created by Israel's famous singer Moshe Ben Ari. The beach is a great beach club with lounge places spread out on the beach and underneath trees and they serve delicious vegetarian food. Mosh Beach is open daily from 9 AM to 7 PM and entrance is free.

Frishman Beach, Tel Aviv

Of course this list won't be complete without one of Tel Aviv's amazing beaches! In total, there are thirteen beaches along Tel Aviv's shores, all with their own vibe and crowd. Did you know there are even two dog beaches the White city? Of all the beaches, the most vibrant and diverse is Frishman Beach. You may know that most of Tel Aviv's beaches are named after the street that runs into the beach, so the beaches are very easy to find! Frishman beach is both loved by locals and tourists and has a great beach club that serves decent food (not all beach clubs in Tel Aviv serve good food).. If you want an amazing beach side meal, head over to Greco next to the beach - one of Israel's tastiest Greek restaurants with amazing atmosphere.

Hof Habonim

Another gem on Israel's northern Mediterranean shores. Known by locals to be one of Israel's most unspoiled shorelines with the bluest lagoons in Israel, natural pools, rocky shores and stunning beaches. The perfect area for hiking, nature beach days and even camping. The main beach is the Habonim Beach Nature Reserve, which has all the facilities and it's a great spot for camping; because this beach is an official camp site with facilities, there is an entrance fee. Click here for all details about Habonim Beach Reserve.

If you don't want to pay entrance fee or go camping at Habonim, don't worry - there is another parking lot that takes you to a different part of these stunning shores, called Hof Dor. It's just a bit south of Habonim and even more unspoiled because there are no facilities. To get there is a bit more complicated than Habonim, because the parking spot is hidden and there are no signs. You have to put in Waze or Google Maps: 'Nahsholim', but right before entering the kibbutz, you have to turn right immediately after you've crossed the railway. It's a dirt road which takes you a few hundred meters north, on the left side you can see several farms. Once you've passed the last farm, you will see after another two minutes' drive, a road to the left which takes you towards the cemetery. Take this road, after two minutes you'll arrive at a large parking lot next to fishing ponds - from here it is only a few minutes' walk to the beaches!

Bora Bora Beach, Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)

I have to be honest about the beaches at the Kinneret - they're not great. The beaches are known to be full with partying young people and terrible facilities (flooded bathrooms etc). All except Bora Bora beach in Tiberias! This beach is more of a beach club actually, so you pay an entrance fee here. But it's well worth it for a great day at the Kinneret, with comfortable lounge areas (also in the lake), great facilities, delicious food - I really love the vibe here. Last time I was there, it was a very hot day and they sprinkled cold water around from the fans - oh so comfortable!

Palmahim Beach

It's probably no surprise to find Palmahim Beach in this list. If you ask me, it's the best beach south of Tel Aviv, with wide sandy beaches perfect for a beach day. The shores here are different than north of Tel Aviv, there are no cliffs but sand dunes and very wide beaches. Palmahim Beach is an official nature reserve, so you have all the facilities you might need, including lifeguard services and showers - you can even camp here on the beach. You park right next to the beach, so it's very family friendly. You pay an entrance fee here upon arrival.

Keep in mind that this is one of Israel's most popular beaches, expect it to be very crowdy in summer months and even lots of traffic on the way to Palmahim..

Ein Bokek Beach, Dead Sea

Of course this list is not complete without adding a Dead Sea beach! Ein Bokek is my favorite beach because of the free, great facilities: you can park right next to the beach, there are free beds with ample shade, lifeguard services, showers and clean bathrooms. There is only a few shekels parking fee here - which you can avoid by parking a bit further away, outside of the designated beach area. But what makes this beach really great, is that the famous salt mushrooms are within walking distance from the beach here. Within about fifteen minutes, you walk to the mushrooms without moving the car - just keep walking south along the shore and you can't miss them. The mushrooms are right at a constructions site, but the guard lets you in to visit the mushrooms. Do keep in mind please, that you dehydrate SO MUCH faster here than anywhere else, you must drink liters of water here, even though you might not feel thirsty. I've had so many terrible headaches after visiting the Dead Sea - you really have to remind yourself to drink more than you're used to!

Which of these beaches is your favorite? Let me know below and if you go to one of these amazing beaches - don't forget to tag @talesofisrael on Instagram! Happy summer :)