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10 Must-Visit places in Israel

Updated: May 1, 2021

Whether it is faith, culture or the sun that brings you to Israel, there is an endless list of attractions and places to visit. There are few countries as diverse as Israel with so many cultures, making it an interesting cocktail of great food, super friendly people and bucket list attractions. Here are ten once-in-a-lifetime places you should definitely visit in Israel!

Western Wall, Jerusalem

I will never forget the first time I visited the Western Wall. The first time I walked down the stairs of the Jewish quarter, from where you suddenly have a magnificent view of the Western Wall complex, the Dome of the rock and Olive mountain behind it. It is the most sacred place in Judaism, so the complex is divided into a male and female section to allow everyone to pray in privacy. I honestly arrived a little bit skeptic and was hesitant to approach and touch the wall seeing many women praying emotionally, but once I touched the wall I understood why so many women around me where in tears. There is an energy there that I have no words for, there is no way to describe it so special and peaceful. Why am I sharing this personal story with you?

Because it is the most special place on earth that I have visited, undoubtedly the most special place in Israel and a must-visit when you are in Israel. It is a place that must be experienced, felt with the heart to truly appreciate it.

Planning to visit the Western Wall? There is a rooftop view close to the Western Wall which gives you the best possible view of this part of Jerusalem. Click here to read more.

Dead Sea

In Israel, they call it the Salt Sea and this is much more precise than Dead Sea, because did you know this sea is not dead at all? All along the Dead Sea, due to the retreating sea levels, sinkholes are appearing with fresh water and guess what, they are full with fish! Personally, this part of Israel, bordering Jordan, is so special to me that I keep going back. It is the lowest place on earth and the sea is so salt you can only float in it. The Dead Sea mud and minerals are world famous and even the air your breath is rich in minerals. Thousands of years ago, pharaos and kings already came here for a spa retreat and is no wonder why.

Along the shores you can find some of Israel's most interesting attractions, like the Ein Gedi oasis, famously mentioned as the hiding place of King David, Masada and Qumran, where the oldest Torah scrolls known today were found. The infamous cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are said to have also been along the southern shores. Remember how Lot's wife was turned into a salt pillar because she looked back? You can still find this statue today just south of Neve Zohar. For a full travel guide to the Dead Sea, click here.

Old City, Jerusalem

Did you know the Old City of Jerusalem is divided into four quarters? There is a Muslim, Aramaic, Christian and Jewish quarter, each with their own attractions, vibe and food. Wandering through these ancient streets is so special, truly a one-in-a-lifetime experience. Have you been to Jerusalem and if yes, what was your favorite part? Leave a comment below! To everyone who has Jerusalem on their bucketlist, here is a beautiful video by Visit Israel.

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