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Disconnect to connect in the beautiful Galilee

Feel like having a getaway, a weekend away to recharge your batteries, meet new people and just RELAX? Join me at my next women's retreat in the beautiful village of Amirim in the Galilee from May 26 to 28, 2022. My women's retreats are one-of-a-kind in Israel, at the eco-friendly villas of The Blue House.

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What can you expect at the retreat?

- Soul nourishing vegetarian food made from local produce and herbs from the forest

- Spa afternoon at my favorite spa in Israel, the nearby forest spa of @behindtheforestamirim

- Macramé workshop 

- Nature trips, like a forest sunset walk to beautiful viewpoint, tour of the surrounding forest learning about local herbs & vegetables that grow in the forests of the Galilee

- Wine & cheese night

And more! 

Where will we stay?

We will stay high up in the Galilee, in the beautiful eco-friendly village of Amirim at the stunning villas from Amirim Blue House. Created with lots of love for the environment and tastefully decorated, the houses are located at the edge of the village, you literally walk straight into the forest from your doorstep. 

How much does the retreat cost?

The total cost of the retreat is 1500 ILS, including your stay, activities and all meals. Not included is transportation to and from Amirim. Don't have a car? We'll do our best to give everyone a ride.

For who is the retreat?

​The retreat is for all women, age is just a number! Main language in the retreat will be English.

I am shomeret Shabbat, can I join the retreat?

Yes, the retreat is Shabbat friendly. The kitchens are vegetarian, all food and wine will be kosher, we'll have a Shabbat dinner with candle lighting and on Shabbat we won't cook.

For more details about the retreat, click the link to visit the Google doc where you can also sign up! And don't hesitate to send me a message on Instagram at @talesofisrael with your questions!

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